My Story

My Story
Bal. Buddhi. Vidya.

CSEWhy started as a one man project of an anon Twitter creator. Posted first on June 22, 2022; I was restless about my Prelims result day. To find a voice, I created this Twitter and posted a note to self.

One thing led to another and today, CSE Why is most loved creator online in my niche

What all do I?


A holistic platform to help you crack UPSC CSE Exam and develop IAS mindset in most logical format.

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You have heard me killing you fears with "Bal. Buddhi. Vidya."
I come from "Do It! Whatever it takes" school of mentality. To achieve it, I always say just 4 words: "Bhai Sunn, Darr Matt!"

Now, you can carry these emotions with you on your Mains Answer Writing Copy, study table or hell, even your T-Shirt.

Wear CSE Why to aid your fearless mindset today! Get your T-Shirt, copies and poster here (hyperlink)

Help you grow online!

Talk to me if you are a creator or an educator in the UPSC niche who wants to build an audience online. I will help you scale your audience!

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CSEWhy PlanB

Let's face it! UPSC CSE is a game of probability. What do you do if you study hard but unable to crack it?
Well, you join #CSEWhyPlanB Telegram (hyperlinked) to make best use of your UPSC knowledge and transition to a successful post UPSC career.

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